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A full day (or two) filled with almost all second hand clothing shops in the city center of Antwerp. Starting the day with a good cup of coffee, fill the energy tank halfway through with healthy lunch and ending the shopping spree with dinner in the best vintage interior setting. And for everybody who immediately wants to show their scored outfits, even a night out in vintage style is included in this route!



She is one of the coolest and creative women in town, collected vintage clothing and accessories since she was little and sells unique pieces on her own platform called 'Vintanie Antwerp'. She now works at Levi's as a Visual Merchandiser and Training Ambassador and we met years ago when we worked together at Clinic Stores Antwerp.
Her name: Stefanie J!

Start your walk with a strong shot of cafeïne at Caffènation (1) for that extra energy and start the treasure hunt at De Kringwinkel Meir (2). Vintage shopping in Antwerp would be nothing without the stores of Think Twice and the first two at the Jezusstraat (3) and Lange Klarenstraat (4) are definitely two where you need to take your time.
Go further on the Meir and Groenplaats to Melting Pot Kilo Antwerp (5), as the name already explains you pay here by kilos!! Go further to Episode (6) and don't forget to admire the shop windows from Dries van Noten when you pass his Modepaleis. Fill those empty stomachs at Goodie Foodie (7) at de Vrijdagsmarkt and if you are lucky you can pick up some antiques here too on Friday.

After lunch go further on De Kammenstraat and visit the 60's/70's vintage shop VEGAS (8) and a little further Ringz and Things (9). The best shop of Think Twice (10) is the one at the Kammenstraat so again, take your time here!! Take the tiny little Sleutelstraatje to the Nationalestraat and go further to Think Twice Nationalestraat (11) and Jutka&Riska (12). When you are staying at SHWAY28 it is easy and very close by from here to drop off some shopping bags and go to the last street and shop of this walk: CNV-CNG shop at de Kloosterstraat (13). Dinner is across the street in the vintage palace of the city, the one and only Dancing Chocola (14).


Still some energy left for drinks and dances? Get dressed in your 'new' items and head to the historic center to Tram 3 (15)!

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