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Sint-Laureisstraat 8, 2018 Antwerpen

Four high end residences that serves comfort, elegancy, space and top notch interior design in one building. Very suitable for families with children of any age, groups of friends, business travellers and longer stays (monthly pricing available). Located in a quiet side street with monumental old townhouses, 600 meters from The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, 500 meters from the Marnixplaats and within 20 minutes walking distance to the historic center, you can easily discover all facets of the city Antwerp from here by foot, by bike and by public transfer. Interested in renting the whole house with different families or a large group? Discover Maison Brederode here!

Le Lambemont



Minister of State Auguste Lambermont welcomes you in this ground floor one-bedroom apartment of Maison Brederode. He uses the 3 meter long table in the living room to invite other diplomats so they can discuss all Foreign Affairs topics where he worked for in 1842. The two colorful chairs make him think of thrones, which reminds him to the moment when he received the title 'Baron' from King Leopold. His mighty bedroom in the back of his residence is connected to the living room by the large bathroom.



Intelligent, thoughtful, fearless and combative: Filips van Marnix, burgomaster of Antwerp in 1583, dedicated writer and right hand of Willem van Oranje, lives through this two-bedroom apartment at the first floor of Maison Brederode. The Parisian balcony matches his French roots, bold colors represent his brave heart. The quiet master bedroom behind the large bathroom is the perfect place to write the Dutch national anthem 'Wilhelmus van Nassouwe'. The clever layout of the second bedroom with a luxurious bunkbed for two extra people, shows the creativity of the true Lord of Saint-Aldegonde.

Le Marnix



The liberal Belgian politician Leopold de Wael became mayor of Antwerp in 1872. During his time as mayor, the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Bank of Antwerp were built. Being calm, independent, elegant and courteous, he walks you through this two-bedroom apartment at the second floor of Maison Brederode. His favorite spot is the Huf Sofa, from where he has the bathroom and master bedroom on his left, the second bedroom with built-in bunkbeds on his right and kitchen and dining area in the same space.

Le Leopold


The third and last floor of Maison Brederode is hosted by Pieter Gillis. He was a typographer, a humanist and the secretary of Antwerp from 1509 until 1532. His best friends Desiderius Erasmus and Thomas More always come over to write and talk the whole night and when they drink too much, they sleep on the super comfortable sofa bed in the living room. The large open kitchen, the built-in closet and desk, the luxurious bathroom and the big roof terrace of this residence feels like Utopia for him. 

Le Pierre

High speed Wifi

 HD TV with streaming  services



Central heating

Fully equipped kitchens

Shampoo & Conditioner from Rituals Cosmetics


 Washing machine

 Tumble Dryer

 Iron & Ironing Board

 Terrace & Balcony



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