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Especially when you visit Antwerp with kids it's good to have some insider info to make it as smooth as possible. This route is all about Antwerp for and with kids: scavenger hunts, playgrounds, kids proof breakfast/lunch joints and the cutest little clothing and toy shops. Even different options for different ages are included in this route!



Meet Steffi; mother, wife, translator, creative thinker, wordsmith, joker, perfected the art of sleeping standing up and 'Antwerpenaar' in heart and soul. Always on the hunt for new spots and go to's in the city, with or without kids. She was thrilled to make this route and to share her knowledge of the kids version of Antwerp!

With kids, you'll never know how the day will flow and where best to go, so I chose to not make a fixed route to follow but to give you as many options so you can make the route practically yourself. The route exists out of activities, restaurants, shops, playgrounds/sightseeing and summer bars. You can recognize these categories in google maps by the different pictograms in purple. This way, you know if a nice shop or playground is in the area you already are!


Expeditie A (6 years or older) - an expedition through the historic center to introduce kids to the city in a playful way. A 3 hour walk with many missions, questions and interesting facts, even for grown ups! Get your expedition book (€5,-) and start your expedition at Visit Antwerp at Steenplein!


MAS Museum - This iconic building at district Eilandje with a panoramic view all over the city, right in the middle of the yacht harbor of Antwerp, has many things to do for you and your kids:

Age 1,5 - 3: Animal themed Buggytour. Don't be late with booking this tour, it's not only our favorite!

Age 5 - 10: A Safari scavenger hunt through the museum between 10AM and 5PM. Make reservations for your tickets!


Red Star Line Museum - An historic themed museum also in district Eilandje about emigrants of Antwerp, with also lots of activities for families with kids, especially in holiday's. Check out their events here and make your reservations in time!

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts - recently opened after 11 years of renovation, definitely the happing of the city at the moment. This museum is so big and so beautiful, you certainly need to come back a few times. For kids they have creative activities and workshops, but also an adventurous journey through the museum called 'The 10'. 

Chocolate Nation - oh yes, chocolate it is. The largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world. And you and your kids are allowed to taste...

ZOO Antwerp - The oldest Zoo of Europe right in the middle of the city next to the breathtaking Central Station of Antwerp! 


Playgrounds are always a good plan, even better are playgrounds with bars for parents and toilets for kids. To have all in one you best go to the Stadspark of Antwerp, where you have a large playground and a big skatepark next to each other. In the middle of the two is the city park restaurant called Grand Cafe Capital, where you can eat and drink with your kids and have a view over the big playground. But hey, this is the city park where the most common people of the city will gather, if you are looking for a more trendy playground/bar you have to know about the following pop-up summer bars:

Zomerbar - a bar up north at the harbor area with beachy vibes, large playgrounds, good food and drinks, beautiful people and even shows in the evening! Check with Liselore if you can rent her cargo bike!

Bar Noord - a large pop up summer bar inside the big park, perfect with kids and a hotspot for cool locals with kids.

Restaurants/Quick bites:

Next to the mentioned summer bars where you can eat or have quick bites, another favorite of mine with kids is breakfast/lunch joint No Worries at district Eilandje, close to MAS Museum and Red Star Line Museum. When you are strolling through the historic center, Falafel Tof or Fish-a-gogo are great ones to have a quick bite.


Don't forget to stop by a few shops, you know Antwerp is known for its great sense of fashion even for kids! My ultimate favorite for ever is PLAY/Rewind store at the Kloosterstraat. Hygge and Once Upon a Time are located almost next to each other so that's easy. For authentic and handmade toys, visit In Den Olifant in shopping area De Wilde Zee.

Enjoy this educational/fun/playful/inspirational kids proof route!

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