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We have tried to find the best translation of the word 'bourgondisch' but nothing embodied the meaning and feeling of this typical Dutch word. To be bourgondisch means you are living life and loves to eat and drink all day and every day. So this is where this route is all about; Belgian beers, old town pubs and cafes, classic restaurants and some Belgian culture. Also perfect to do with a group!



Night mayor of Antwerp and gourmet of the highest level known by the name Kobe, has put his soul and bliss in his several times self-tested bourgondische city walk. During the week he works hard for his own company, but from Friday afternoon to Sunday he sharpens his taste buds with the most delicious dishes and drinks. Next to the fact that he loves to cook the Belgian/French cuisine himself, he knows a lot about Antwerp's history and it's hidden gems. As there will be a high chance of bumping into Kobe during this route in the weekends, he offers his phone number for everybody who wants him to be their physical guide in stead of their virtual guide! 

Kobe's favorite quote: 'Zolang er sinjoren bestaan, zal Antwerpen nooit vergaan'


As we have a full day activity of drinking and eating ahead of us, let's start with the most important meal of the day: breakfast for champions at Mampoko (1). Here they serve different type of breakfast formulas where you can choose from to get a steady foundation to continue the route with. After breakfast it's time to first soak up some Belgian old culture in Het Rubenshuis (2), the house of allround artist Rubens. If you are looking for a more exciting activity, you can also choose to take a tour through De Ruien (3), where they will guide you under the city by foot or by boat and show you what's left of the old city walls and waters of Antwerp.

Thirsty already? Let's head to the Vreemdelingenmarkt (4) (only on Saturday's!) to start with cava and small bites at 'De Vuurtoren' and get cosy between the beautiful locals of Antwerp. After a few cava's or pintjes at the market, you will probably be warmed up pretty good to continue with the more heavy artillery: the Antwerp pub tour.

Start the pub tour at De Varkenspoot (5), continue to Billie's Bier Kafétaria (6), walk further to Café De Vischmijn (7) and Het Heilig Huisken (8) and end it at Café Baron (9). 


Make reservations at restaurant Den Artist (10), a classic Antwerp restaurant with a view over the Royal Museum of Fine Arts with the best oldskool Belgian/French dishes to refill the tank for the night. Group reservations possible. A good second option is restaurant De Peerdestal in the historic center. But get freshened en dressed up first before you go to dinner please!

After dinner at Den Artist, have some wines and beers at Charleroi (11) or Patine (12). When you chose De Peerdestal you can best go to Tram 3 in the historic center for wines, beers and dances! Top this night off with a club night at Plein Publiek (13), check out their events on Facebook and go by bike or Uber as this is located outside the city center.

Enjoy this full day of extending the taste buds!

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